Looking Over the Food Industry

Founded by Edward Garrow, Edward’s Oil came about after a career working in the food industry. Over time, he watched increasingly large sectors of the food market move away from processed foods and artificial ingredients. When he learned how heavily processed cooking oils still were, he was shocked and knew there had to be an answer.

Research into Canola Oil

Edward began looking for a better, cleaner, and healthier option. He understood the importance of clean, unprocessed foods for maintaining health and wellbeing. However, he wanted to ensure he didn’t sacrifice the function or taste of the new oil he sought to create.

Through his research, he was surprised to learn that canola oil was healthy. Having been processed for so long the health profile had been blurred. It’s the healthiest oil on the market (when not chemically treated). On top of this, its high smoke point means it has broad cooking applications.

Looking for cooking Ideas?

Looking for cooking Ideas?

Edward’s Oil

Having seen this evidence, Edward knew making a natural canola oil was the best option. Working with his partners and the local farmers in Cootamundra, Edward has brought to market the most exceptional cold pressed canola oil in Australia.

Edwards Oil is proud to be Australian grown and made. We utilise Australian grown canola seeds in a clean and natural factory ensuring traceability throughout the whole process. We’re currently sold at Woolworths and expanding rapidly!