Australian Made &
Chemical Free
Canola Oil

Edward’s Oil is Inspiring Natural, Healthy and Clean Cooking


Canola Oil That’s Uniquely Australian

Edward’s Oil is proud to bring you an Australian grown and made, non-GM, naturally filtered and chemical free canola oil. To produce Australia’s finest naturally refined cold pressed canola oil, we ensure integration from farm to table.

Our company maintains close ties to growers around the Cootamundra NSW region ensuring accountability and knowledge in production. From there, we transfer our crop to Australia’ s largest cold pressed oil producer and the only natural refiner in the country. As the leading cold pressed canola oil with 100% brand ownership, we guarantee traceability and security all the way to shelves and your home.

What Makes Edward’s Oil “Natural”?

When you pick up a bottle of canola oil without the Edward’s Oil label, you’re getting a heat pressed, chemically refined, bleached and deodorized product. On the other hand, when you pick either an Edward’s Oil First Pressed or an Edward’s Oil Filtered, you're getting a product that’s only been cold pressed or cold pressed and naturally filtered. With either option, you ensure a chemical free product that contains all that nature intended.


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"We all know processed foods aren’t good for you, so why compromise on your oil?"

— Edward of Edward’s Oil

Grown and Made in Australia!

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Healthy and Functional Cooking with Edward’s Oil

Edward’s oil contains 50% less saturated fat when compared to olive oil; making it a great olive oil substitute! Edward’s Oil is also a great cooking oil if you are looking for something high in healthy monounsaturated fats, well balanced with omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids and rich with vitamin E.

More than nutritious, Edward’s oil also makes both healthy and cheat day cooking easier and safer! Edward’s oil is great for cooking at high temperatures and leaving nothing but a Neutral flavour (Filtered variety) or natural nutty taste (First Pressed variety).

The high flash point will keep you safe in the kitchen while making everything from fried chicken and bacon to cakes and pastries!